Friday, 27 October 2017

Lollipop,the old car

This is morning room 10 watched a little movie after the video we went outside onto the field. When room 10 got to the field we had to do some acting without talking.      

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Instructional Procedural text

Ben's dad

Musical madness

Immersion Assembly Recount
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Wow! It is term 4, and we are finishing the year off with some musical madness! We are going to leap into writing by creating some exciting recounts about our immersion assembly.

WALT: recount an event in a descriptive and engaging way

We need to think about:
  • Who our audience is.
  • How we are going hook this audience in.
  • How we are going to create a description of the event which makes our audience feel like they were at the event too.
  • How we are going to keep our audience interested as they read.

Step 1: Add to this padlet of new musical vocabulary (words) and ideas, which we could include in our writing.
In your writing, you could include:
  • Descriptive words
  • Ideas for a hook
  • Key things you can remember from the assembly
    • What you enjoyed
    • What made you laugh

Step 2: Plan for your writing.

Term 4 It’s All About Music
Remember to delete the writing in red once you have finished!
Happy, Joyful, eager
Jot down some descriptive words (adjectives, verbs, adverbs) or words to describe how you were feeling.
(Introduce the moment in time)
Hook;  Did we start the term off with a
Paragraph 1
(1 key event from the assembly)
Topic sentence; description
Paragraph 2
(Another key event from the assembly)
Topic sentence; description
Paragraph 3
(Another key event from the assembly)
OPTIONAL; Topic sentence; description
How did you feel? What did you enjoy? How did it make you feel about school this term? Is this different to how you felt before the assembly? Your opinion.
Think about the five senses - how could you describe the event using sight, smell, hearing, taste, and/or touch?
Step 3: Write! Click here to read a model recount.

Transition Words
Past tense
At first…
Once we…
Once I…
At last…
In the end…
You should be telling the audience what has already happened since we have already had Immersion Assembly!

If you can think of any others, use them! This is just to get you started.

Start writing here:
Today is the first day of Term Four.

Welcome back students of Pt England School, Mr Burt bellowed out across the assembly hall.  When I walked into the hall I wondered why a lot of the teachers were all dressed up, I thought what is going on here today.
After Mr Burt had welcomed us back for term 4 he let us know that the theme for this term would be Musical Madness. There are five teaching teams at Pt England School and each team had to perform a skit to show us what music means to everybody.

Team 1 showed us how music can change your mood,  by playing different types of music.

Team 2 introduced different instruments to make sound and music.

Team 3 showed us how you can use music to convey how you are feeling and using lyrics from songs to say something.

Team 4 did a car kareoke where everyone has different choices for music

Team 5 showed us a clip from The lIon King movie, they played the original clip, then put different music to the same clip and it showed how it can change the way we look at the same clip just because of the background music.